Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nailing my style down, Part II: A healthy canvas

Because I'll be wearing a new and special piece of jewelry and otherwise covering my hands with ornate designs, I think my hands will be getting a lot more attention than they are used to. I'm addressing that in part by prettying up my nails with polish, but I want to make sure that the nails themselves are healthy. For most of my life, my nails have been pretty strong and healthy (most of the time), so a simple manicure usually does the trick. But lately they've become really brittle and split all the time, even when I keep them really short. I don't want fake nails (just not my thing), so I've been hunting for some home solutions for brittle nails, and thought I'd share the three major tips I found to treat cracking nails with the 'hive.


1. HYDRATE!!! No matter where I looked, the ENTIRE INTERNET told me I have to hydrate my nails if I want them not to crack. Soak your nails in tepid water, then apply moisturizers to seal the water in. Some sites recommended petroleum jelly (Vaseline), but I like to avoid petroleum products and will probably just use my coconut lotion. Re-moisturize after using detergents, washing hands, etc.

2. Massage. I read that massaging olive or vegetable oil to the nail (on top and underneath) a few times a day also helps with both increasing moisture and increasing circulation to the nail, and that this helps strengthen nails. You can also tell your partner and see if you can help foster the misinterpretation that, perhaps, a back massage will make your nails grow better. ;) It's worth a try, no?

3. Don't use nail polish remover. Acetone strips nails of necessary moisture, and it's recommended to use it no more than once per week. This will be hard for me, since my hands are always in and out of a backpack and it chips my polish a lot, causing me to redo my nails often. But I'll give it my best shot!

Do you have any tips for strong, healthy nails to share?

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