Monday, February 15, 2010

Dress Stress, Part I: Bridesmaids

Aside from a few blips and the natural problems associated with wedding planning while law schooling, not too much has really gotten to me in the planning process. I have never been to a "perfect" wedding—have you?—so I wasn't really that concerned with throwing one. This made it easy for me to avoid stress about the details and most of the vendors.

Which of course means that when the dresses came in late, I freaked out completely.


It all started with the bridesmaid dresses, which I ordered from House of Brides back in September because they were at least $25 less expensive per dress than any other retailer I visited. I got notification from them that the dresses would arrive in their warehouse at the end of November. Plenty of time!

And then the end of November came. The dresses did not.

And then the end of December came. The dresses did not.

I was too busy with finals to stay on top of everything at the end of the year, but suddenly it was 2010 and I was in a full on panic, but paralyzed by the start of a new semester and a gazillion other things to do. I sent one meek email (that went unanswered), worried a little more and did nothing, and then, finally, in mid-January I got the notice that my dresses had shipped. Huzzah!

I promised not to take pictures of the girls in the dresses until they fit!
(personal photo)

They looked fabulous, and since they came early enough, I was super relieved.

Until one of my bridesmaids picked hers up last week and noticed that the sash was missing!!! HOB was a lot more responsive to me this time, and when I sent my ohmygodsodesparatepleasehelpme email, I got an email back within an hour and a promise that another sash would be on its way within two weeks. (This was great news, because I got myself so worked up in those few minutes between the discovery and the response that I swear my blood pressure doubled.) Amazingly, it took only a few days! They may be slow when your wedding is far off, but HOB totally came through when I needed them. Thank goodness; I will live to have my heart attack another day.

As for my dress... that was a different story...

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