Friday, June 18, 2010

This Will Be Our Year: Marriage Is a Process...ion

And the first step in that procession is getting down the aisle. :)

First the groomsmen and Middle Brother Spaniel took their positions...

Then Younger Brother Spaniel walked Grandma Spaniel to her seat and took his place...

The Spaniel-in-laws...

Mama and Step-Dad Spaniel...

And my bridesmaids. I still love their dresses every time I see them. :)

The music changed, and my nerves went haywire. OhmygodI'mgettingmarried!

Papa Spaniel walked me to the bottom of the stairs before he took his seat, as I'd planned to walk up the stairs to meet Mr. Spaniel alone.

But after Papa Spaniel gave me a hug and started to step away, the processional music abruptly stopped. Suddenly, I became very conscious of my sharp heels, the cracks in the ground that I couldn't see beneath my heavy dress, and the eyes of 150 people on my back. I was absolutely terrified, but somehow I made it up on my own!

It must not have taken forever, since I'm the only person I've talked to who remembers the music getting cut early, and I made it to the top, grabbed my mister, and was ready to get married!

All photos by the stupendous Meg Perotti and Regis Photography.

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  1. Seriously...these shots are just ridiculously insane! Everyone looks so amazing. You look gorgeous, the location is incredible. I love this recap! I have some processional recaps this week, too :)


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