Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Will Be Our Year: Signing Our Lives Away

The portraits finished with fifteen minutes to go before the wedding ceremony(!!!). Mr. Spaniel grabbed the ketubah, and we were off to sign our lives away!

I love how excited we look here. :)

The ketubah was not in our original budget, but it was worth every penny: our framer/officiant framed it for us right after the wedding, and I love looking at it on our wall. :)

(Personal photo)

While we promised to love and respect each other in writing, our guests were doing some signing of their own.

I'd planned to print a guestbook from our engagement pictures, but I panicked and asked Meg to print one for us instead. It's another favorite wedding keepsake of ours!

(Personal photos)

To make sure our guests knew that it was a guestbook and not just a collection of pretty pictures, we made sure to include some helpful signage. To do so, we pulled more mileage out of our invitation proofs, as I used the fancy "baroque" frame around the invitations to frame a cute little guestbook poem I found online (I didn't think of blogging about this when I did it, so I didn't save the source... sorry!).

We thought this photobook
would make a great souvenir
So if you have a wedding message,
please write it in here
Some words of wisdom,
encouragement, or a joke
A poem, a drawing, an anecdote
We'll look through it fondly
in years to come
So thanks for making
this book a special one!

We printed it out on a piece of card stock, cut it down to 5x7", and put it in an inexpensive acrylic frame from Target.

(Personal photo)

Probably unnecessary, but I was all about last minute projects (and I have a few more to show you before I'm done here!).

All photos by the astounding Meg Perotti, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Such great shots...I love your framed ketubah. We had some signs near our guest book as well. But lots of the guests either didn't make it over there or only filled out half their page (each guest had their own page). So I totally plan on tracking them down after to finish it off!!!


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