Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Will Be Our Year: All Kinds of Pretty and One Big Fat Ugly

I would like to take full credit for how beautiful the dining room looked, but I can't—we picked Calamigos Ranch because we wanted something that was nearly finished already, and it was beautiful before we added a thing.

Aside from the centerpieces and menus, I didn't really bring much—a couple of chair signs for me and Mr. Spaniel because I had leftover paper and ribbon, and none for anyone else because I didn't have leftover time.

But it's not real life if something doesn't look just plain-out ridiculously awful, somewhere. Behold, the Hideous "Henna" Cake!

Do you remember my inspiration cake? No? I'll show it to you.


And just in case math is not your strong suit...

You can tell that whoever was working on the cake was looking at the inspiration picture. What you can't tell is what they were thinking. Or why they didn't start over when they got those giant blobs of fudge smeared across the bottom tier.

I have to say, I thought it was pretty funny when I saw it. But I also wish I would have known just how bad it was going to look, so I could have saved the money on a "pretty wedding cake" and put together a much prettier and more cost-effective cake buffet instead. At least it tasted good!

All photos by the magical Meg Perotti, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Oh my gosh, your reception space is GORGEOUS!! Swoon...I love it. Sorry about the cake. From far away it looks fine, but then when you point out the messed up bottom tier I see where your frustration comes from. Boo messy decorators!

  2. Everything else was so beautiful, I am sure the cake went largely un-noticed.

  3. Wow, your reception space is really beautiful! I love it when you don't have to do a lot to achieve such a beautiful look, though I know that there was still work involved. I don't know what it is with cake bakers, but rest assured you're not the first bride that has been let down by her cake. The gorgeousness of everything else would have distracted your guests from the cake - I'm sure of it!

  4. I totally get what your saying about the smeared fudge or whatever on the bottom tier...but didn't notice it until you pointed it out. And while it doesn't have the same detail as your inspiration cake, it is still a beautiful cake. I can totally relate to this because our cake was *NOT* a beautiful cake and also was horribly translated in the detail areas from our inspiration photos. But that's what we get for having a family friend do it. Oh well. There's always something that doesn't turn out how you wanted and the cake was it for both you and me :)


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