Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Will Be Our Year: Organized Chaos

After the ceremony, the cocktail hour began. Mr. Spaniel and I didn't want to miss our entire cocktail hour with our guests, and had planned our entrance to the reception area and first dance for only fifteen minutes in as a result. While we waited for our cue, Mr. Spaniel and I took a few minutes to sit and reflect on the huge step we had just taken.

Just kidding. We sat and took directions from about seven different photographers.

Mr. Spaniel points out one camera, while looking at another (guest photo)

I don't actually remember what this face was for, but I sure look flustered! (guest photo)

I didn't have much time to stress, though. The bridesmaids fixed my bustle, Mama Spaniel fixed my lipstick, and then we were ready waltz into the reception area!

In a parallel universe—that is, out front on the patio where the cocktail hour was starting—the venue staff was serving champagne and strawberries to our guests.

I love how relaxed and happy everyone looks in these close shots... but back up a little, and you can see that it was a madhouse!

(guest photos)

All photos by the talented Meg Perotti, unless otherwise noted.

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