Thursday, April 16, 2009

So that's why I haven't lost weight

To support D in his new WW venture (and to help kick-start myself in dropping the last five pounds), I decided earlier this week to also sign up for a free trial at Weight Watchers. Shockingly, I got only half as many daily points as D did (or not so shockingly, since I am about half his size!). WELL. If "19 points" is what I'm supposed to eat everyday to lose weight, NO WONDER I haven't been losing weight! Oh my god! I am so hungry!

It would definitely take me a while to learn how to live this way. Today is not going so well. To be able to go out for dinner tonight, I had to eat a tomato and brussel sprouts for lunch. (I am so hungry!)

Well, we'll see. We'll just also have to keep D away from me for a few days or I might try to eat his points, too.

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