Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Enjoying my time off

For the next two weeks, I have no obligations for work or school. It is awesome. Today, I stayed in, cleaned my room, and played Zelda (I'd been waiting until I finished finals to open the game, even though it was a Christmas present!). I'll probably spend the next two weeks similarly. :)

I had originally hoped to get a lot of wedding planning done on this little staycation of mine, but I'm running into one big problem: I can't afford any deposits until a lot later this summer. So why get my heart set on a vendor that might not be available by the time I can commit? I even had to cancel our engagement shoot because, even at a discounted price, it's too big of a splurge right now. We'll have to use our own photos for the Save the Dates, and get the professional shots for the guest book closer to the wedding date. Blah.

So as soon as I can motivate myself to do something actually useful (so far I've managed to make two necessary phone calls, but absolutely nothing else on my to-do list for the day!), I'm going to at least try to compile a list of photographers, videographers, florists and DJs that I want to contact once I have some free cash again. At least that should speed the process up when I get to that part in a few months.

And in the meantime, I'm still going dress shopping with my mom in a few weeks. :) We probably won't end up buying anything that day, but at least we can do some research!

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