Monday, May 18, 2009

New thoughts on the honeymoon

I've decided to leave the honeymoon planning more or less up to D—I can't do the bulk of both the wedding planning and the honeymoon planning, and I don't really care so much where we go as long as (1) we can afford it, and (2) we have fun (in THAT ORDER). He's been floating a few new ideas in addition to the wine country road trip. We talked about spending a week in Paris (too expensive!), a Caribbean cruise (the departure dates are all the day of our wedding or a week after, which doesn't fit my school schedule), a few days in the Pacific Northwest (although it may not be the best time of year for that), and a trip to Maui (yes, please).

D and I both like the week in Maui best (although we'd do Paris if we could fly there for less than half of our entire honeymoon budget!), but we are (um, he is!) going to keep looking for deals to see what we might come up with.

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