Saturday, June 13, 2009

Deadline extension!

So all that wedding stuff I'm supposed to have done by June 20? I applied for, and granted myself, an extension. I'd have liked to have it all done, but with finding (and paying for) a new apartment with D and the summer gig being not exactly posh, I'm cutting it too close for comfort already, and can't be parting with hundreds of dollars this summer on things that I won't see until next Spring.

I'll still be making phone calls, though. Just no one better expect to be getting a deposit from me until September!


  1. haha - "I applied for, and granted myself, an extension." that makes me laugh! i've been doing that myself lately as well. i thought i'd be more ambitious about wedding things once school was over, but that doesn't appear to be the case just yet!

    i was looking through your "to do list" post, and i noticed you were planning on doing candle/jar centerpieces. have you decided where you're going to be getting either of these? im considering this as an option for our centerpieces as well, so i was just wondering if you'd found any leads. :)

  2. Shell: I haven't decided yet where I'm going to be getting the vases, but I found white 3x3 pillar candles on for $1.99 that we are considering (best price I've found so far), or D is thinking of making them himself from beeswax (because he is crazy). I was looking at some of the hurricanes at Crate&Barrel, but we haven't quite found what we're looking for yet.


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