Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ceremony and reception decor

I already knew I was not going with floral centerpieces for the wedding, but I got a sort of reconfirmation of this today when I found my vases/hurricane candle holders, pillar candles, and river rocks for twenty tables for only $237.80. I will try to sell the vases and the rocks after the wedding, too.

So that leaves for the florist: 1 bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 groom's boutonniere, 11 other boutonnieres (6 groomsmen, 2 bridesmen, Papa Spaniel, my step-dad, and FFIL Spaniel), 3 corsages (mothers and grandmother), and any floral decorations we will need for the ceremony.

Well, given that my photography/videography/deejay expenses are going to top the $5,000 limit I'd originally set for them (probably by about $500) and that part of the floral budget is being burned up by candle centerpieces (pun absolutely intended), I need to find all of the flowers for under $1,200. How will I do it?


With Baby's Breath, duh.

I don't really know what these bouquets will cost yet, but I would imagine: not that much. Still, I don't want Baby's Breath for the bridal bouquet or the corsages/boutonnieres—I just don't think they'll look right, so here is my second floral.


Why, Green Tea Roses! They match our colors, won't look bad with some Baby's Breath interspersed (I think), and they make lovely boutonnieres.


Of course, this all depends on seasonal availability and pricing, but luckily I'm not too tied to any particular flower (I am tied only to CHEAP!!), so I think it's fine to plan. :)

Hooray! Progress!

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