Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The money talk

Money doesn't grow on trees, and it's definitely not growing in my empty bank account. You may have gathered (etc.) that this is a source of some distress for me and throwing a wrench into my planning, and I'm pretty sure it's a major part of the reason I've started developing rashes and otherwise inexplicable bumps on my skin! :-/

I decided to have a little chat with my mother about all this wedding business. She seems to be misinterpreting my stress as just generalized worrying about the wedding, but it's not: it's knowing more or less what I want, and not being able to move forward AT ALL with ANYTHING because most vendors are less than inclined to hold a date for you without at least a nominal deposit. She agreed to give me a little in the next few weeks so that I can secure my videographer (which I think I've found, pending confirmation of the price!) and my deejay (which I haven't found yet), and the rest in several months, which was exactly what I was hoping for!

So after this weekend, Operation "Okalani-Lobsterson" Knot-Tying moves forward at full speed! Finally!!!

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