Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lovers' spat

Well, the wall of boxes is now a wall of bookcases, which is an improvement, but the continued lack of real order in the "Okalani-Lobsterson" household is proving to be truly stressful.

(personal image)

We're still a bookcase short before all of our books can be unpacked, and there are lots of items that we still need to finish putting the place together (a broom comes most to mind! You should see the floor... now that it's not completely covered in boxes!). Space is an issue: we are sharing a desk (although we did not end up building our own, after all... we just put together a 78" Ikea one) and a closet, and those are areas always ripe for territorial behavior. But the mess is the one that's really getting to me: we've been here for a week and I've been unpacking in nearly every spare moment I have, while D doesn't quite see the urgency of the situation.

People, I am STRESSED. If I can't get my space the way I want it—even if it's just for a few hours—SOON, I may snap.

I am really glad we did this before we got married. If I had to deal with "post-nuptial depression" and moving/merging stress simultaneously, it would not be pretty!


  1. i hear ya! as much as i despise cleaning, it's so much worse to live in a space that looks like a warzone! :)

  2. I hope you're feeling better. And oh my god, I am *not* looking forward to this for myself.


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