Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh, that's right, the wedding...

D finally got on board with straightening up the place (or he got tired of me snapping at him every few hours for no good reason), and now we've just got a few decorative items to find homes for and pictures to hang on the walls until we're done (then there's the matter of that bookcase we still need...). What's really great is that since I didn't have to nag him to help out, we actually got along well for the first day since we got the keys!

We're planning to invite his parents over for brunch this Sunday (we used to go out for breakfast with them almost every weekend when he lived with them, so we're just changing the scenery!), so that is the new drop-dead date for cleanliness and order. And I think we are actually going to make it!

In other news, don't I have a wedding to plan over here???

A couple of decisions have been made: I'm ordering my dress and my bridesmaid dresses (I'm deciding between the tulle dresses in Wedding look 9—because they are $122 and $139—and the lace ones in Wedding look 10 at $189 each) from House of Brides, unless I can get the bridal shop to match the online price (in which case I'll get my dress from the shop and the bridesmaid dresses online). I haven't decided if I will just buy all of the dresses myself and get money back from the bridesmaids, or each let them order their own—I'm not too concerned about dye lots since the dresses they are ordering will either be black, or black and ivory, which are not all that hard to get right!


Does anyone have any experience ordering gowns online (bridal or for the maids)? Any advice?

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  1. Congratulations on selecting your dress. You'll look so beautiful in it. I think it is a wonderful choice.


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