Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scatterbrain focuses!

Since I can't do a lot of the big stuff yet, I've been focusing my energy on things that can get done: addressing the rest of our save the date cards, and sending off the wording to the invitation printer.

We had to wait a long time on the wording because of uncertainty about the time of the ceremony, the exact menu we would be serving, and my mother's last name after her own wedding. So we finally picked a time for the ceremony right around sunset (and one-half hour after guests are technically allowed to arrive) and left meal choices as "Chicken," "Beef," and "Vegetarian," so we could pick specific dishes later—we'll be explaining the options in more detail on our wedding website.

My mom's last name was the hardest part. She's been an "Okalani" longer than anything else, and has a professional reputation and a private practice under that name... so she didn't want to change it. But it's my father's name, her ex-husband's name, and she has a new husband now. So she finally told me to use "Okalani-Hatter" and that should be fine.

With that new information, I sent off my invitation wording last night. I can't wait to see my proofs!

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