Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sometimes, a little bit of self-flaggelation clarifies a lot

After minutes—nay, hours (okay, three of them)—of contemplation, D and I have come up with a brilliant and cunning plan: I'll have my mehndi done at home with BM2 (who is staying with me from out of town), D, his Best Man (who is coming back into town from Southeast Asia for our wedding week, so it's not like he'll have a job to go to!), and whoever else is available in the late morning and early afternoon on Friday, the day before the wedding—those of our people who are either non-traditionally employed (ha) or who love us enough to use a vacation day to hang out with us and eat Indian food. I found an artist whose fees are reasonable (and who won't need to charge me a travel fee, because she lives a few blocks away!). We'll eat lunch (which someone else will have to feed me!), then head over to the hotel, and hopefully hang out with some of our wedding party at the hotel bar until a decent hour, then part ways before the big day.

I think, ultimately, I just didn't want to be isolated on the night before my wedding; I wanted to be with the people I love! Even though they are pains in the butt and cause me all kinds of angst and drama sometimes! This way, I get to be with the person I love most, and the other friends who actually want to be there. I like it this way. :)

What did you have planned for the day before your wedding?

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