Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where are the rings?

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Apparently I have some anxiety about the fact that we haven't ordered my wedding band yet (what if the mom-and-pop shop we ordered the engagement ring from closes in the bad economy? what if it can't be ordered in time for the wedding once we have the money to buy it? and what if the rising costs of gold makes it so that we can't afford the ring?), because I had my second wedding nightmare last night.

This time, we were walked down the aisle, only the wedding was taking place in my high school auditorium. Guests were seated in the bleachers. Somehow, this didn't bother me, but the skirt of my dress was filthy. Even this was not enough to dissuade me, until I realized that we had forgotten our rings at home. We sent the DOC to our house to get them, but then I realized that she wouldn't be back for three hours because of the distance between the venue and the apartment. So we sent someone else to the store to go buy inexpensive replacements for the ceremony, with the condition that she come back with a size 9 and a size 5 plain band. I reasoned that a 4.75 would be hard to find in a pinch. But even a 5 would be hard to find, so to get a six if necessary. But then my wedding ring would be falling off, and that upset me as well because this was my wedding ring and it mattered and I was getting strangely sentimental about it being the ring I would be married in and it needed to fit!

That's when I realized that we still didn't have an officiant! Between that and the rings, I was upset enough to wake up.

When did you start having wedding nightmares?

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