Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Even invites need some lovin'

I love (love love) my beautiful, baroque letterpressed wedding invitations. I love the texture of the paper, and I love the feel of the letterpress! I knew it wouldn't really make sense for me to attempt to DIY the invites with the deal I got on these, and this is one aspect of our wedding that I'm really glad I handed over to someone else's more experienced care.

But just because I love my invitations doesn't mean I don't want to leave my own mark on them! I've been on the hunt, searching high, low, and in between, for the right paper to add just a little bit more to our lovely invites. And I think I've finally found it!

(personal image)

Envelopper, Inc. sells a patterned text-weight paper that *sort of* matches the invitations, which I think will make a great envelope liner. I'm going to pick up a few packs of the taupe/opal Florence paper for that task (it's the swatch on top, and hopefully the color will be more visible when I photograph the finished product). I first started lining envelopes in elementary school—I would use wrapping paper in my friends' birthday cards that matched the paper I wrapped their gifts in, so cute ;)—so I know that this isn't going to be too difficult of a task, even times 110. (Which I will, of course, document when the time comes.)

I would also like to use patterned paper to create belly bands for the invites, to which I will add a seal that will act as a substitute for inner envelopes (i.e., where I can add individual guest names). I think I will need heavier paper (card stock) for this, and I want the pattern in black, less subtle than the taupe and opal combination. For that, I'll be picking up some custom patterned paper from Cards and Pockets, probably in black ink on champagne metallic card stock.

Is it wrong to be this excited about envelope liners? 'Cuz if it is, I don't want to be right. ;)


  1. Ohhhh envelope liners... still trying to figure out if it's worth ittttttttt... looks like yours are killer!

  2. Envelope liners are the perfect little detail to really finish off the look of invitations. My guy just couldn't understand it, lol!

  3. I love love love envelope liners! There's something about them that make an envelope so much more satisfying!

  4. i love the idea of envelope liners! i tried to do that with our invites, but the flap wasn't the typical pointy flap, so it didn't quite look right. :(

    i do, however, love your idea of using paper for the belly bands. i don't know why i didn't think of that beforehand - i was starting to fret about the cost of ribbon, not realizing i had a plethora of paper on my hands! i can always count on you for inspiration!


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