Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spaniels' California Adventure: Cambria or Bust!

After our disappointment at Hearst Castle, we Spaniels drove the lengthy and arduous six miles to our final honeymoon destination, the Fog Catcher Inn in Cambria.

But don't let the view from the front of the property fool you: we had a fabulous view of a retaining wall from our room. It can't be all panoramic ocean views all the time, now can it? :)

We only had one night in Cambria, and since it was a pretty familiar spot for us (if you remember, we took our first set of engagement photos there with Mr. Spaniel's family), we didn't do much other than sandwich crapping out big-time with dinner and breakfast. We did manage to get a pretty awesome vegetarian dinner at Robin's Restaurant and a delish breakfast with ollalieberry jam at Linn's, and to take some really silly pictures for you, but that's about it.

Aforementioned silly pictures

Our only goal in Cambria was to relax enough to brace ourselves against coming back home by relaxing as much as possible. We pretty much achieved it.

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