Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spaniels' California Adventure: You Can (Sort of) Go Home Again

Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and time to go home.

On the road again

It was back to the grind of 5:00 AM alarms and commutes across the sprawl of Los Angeles; back to homework, studying, finals, and not drinking all the fabulous wine we came home with. I wouldn't exactly say I suffered from "post-wedding depression"... but man did reality hit hard after the honeymoon! Folks, if you can take an extra day or two readjusting your sleep clock before returning to real life, I highly recommend it!

I did have a few amazing things to look forward to when I got back though. Not only did I graduate law school just five short weeks (okay, five intensely long weeks) after we came back home from the honeymoon...

(Yes! I did graduate!)

...but I also knew I had the wedding recaps to look forward to! So while I wait for image files from my photographer and figure out how in the world I am going to write these recaps (why did no one tell me how hard they would be? Where do I even start?!), I have one more (huge, gigantic) thing keeping me entertained...

I was supposed to learn all of this during law school. I tell you, I did not.

So help a sister out! What do you find most helpful or interesting in wedding recaps?

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